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Our Company

GP Global Services is the leading provider of marketing and supply chain services. We offer comprehensive services, covering the entire value chain for both product and services: from strategic sourcing, research and analysis, marketing, sales, distribution and logistics to after-sales services. Our seasoned professionals are equipped with decades of various industrial, strategic, operational, and technology expertise. We help companies better analyze, understand, and manage their businesses and distinguish their companies, products or services from the competition.






Our fundamental value proposition is to offer better value in the management of marketing activities, market research, brand management, sales distribution, forecasting and analysis, supply chain, sourcing, and procurement than individual companies can achieve on their own. We seek to deliver this value proposition by:

a) leveraging supplier scale economies,

b) developing and applying superior marketing and supply management expertise, and

c) commercializing and implementing technology-based processes, solutions and tools that increase the market value of the company.


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